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Seeking Nonconflict Divorce Resolutions

Many people assume their divorce has to be a drawn-out, heated and contentious argument before each spouse moves on in their lives. Instead of letting a divorce get out of hand in such a complicated way, you can pursue an alternative resolution method through mediation.

At Gauthier Family Law, we have extensive experience representing clients throughout Illinois with their family law needs. While we are always prepared to fight for our clients in court, we know there are alternative options that may be a better option for your unique case. Mediation can offer you a resolution method with many benefits, and we are here to help you weigh your options before choosing a method that is right for you.

How Mediation Can Help You

When resolving a divorce through litigation, each spouse presents their side of things to a judge, with the help of their family law lawyer, and the judge will decide the details of the resulting divorce decree.

Through mediation, the spouses work together through negotiation to decide on the outcomes of their divorce in matters like asset division, child custody and visitation. These negotiations allow everyone to have more say in the outcome of their divorce, and also resolve their divorce on their own timeline.

As your mediation attorney, our goal is to make your divorce, quicker, simpler and more affordable. We are here for you to help you enter the next chapter of your life after divorce.

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