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Illinois Asset Division Attorney

Marriage is the unification of two separate lives as well as their finances. If and when divorce is necessary, it is no easy task reclaiming separate emotional and financial lives. At a time when you may be overwhelmed by strong feelings of grief and anger, it can be difficult to make rational and practical decisions about your finances.

That being said, your divorce settlement or Judgment will affect your short-term and long-term future, and you simply cannot afford to make decisions rashly or emotionally. You may need to rely on the good judgment and strong advocacy of your attorney during this tumultuous time.

At Gauthier Family Law, this is a responsibility we are proud to accept.

Protecting Your Financial Future

Asset and property division starts with a complete inventory of the marital estate, followed by an in-depth analysis, evaluation and discussion of your financial needs and goals. Our attorney, Mike Gauthier, will take the time to understand which assets are most important to you right now and which will be most important in the future. We will then discuss the potential ramifications of prioritizing some assets over others, including tax liabilities and additional associated costs.

As just one example, consider the marital residence. You may want to keep the house, but can you afford to pay the mortgage on your own? Can you afford the additional costs of maintenance, repairs and utilities? Are you willing to trade away other valuable assets equivalent to your spouse’s stake in the property?

Although there are many decisions to make and factors to consider, we will guide you through the process one step at a time, so that you have all the relevant information you need to make informed choices which will promote your financial security after divorce.

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