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Child Support Representation

At Gauthier Family Law in Vernon Hills, it is our mission that no child is left in financial peril because they are not living with both of their parents. We provide firm guidance to parents who need to establish or amend a child support order in Northern Illinois. Your children’s future is assured in our hands.

Child Support Calculation In Illinois

Child support is generally ordered when one parent has sole allocation of parental responsibilities due to divorce or separation, or if the parents are unmarried and the other parent does not share parental responsibilities. The level of support paid depends on a formula Illinois family courts use based on the parents’ combined net income. Sources of income include:

  • Income from working
  • Overtime and holiday pay
  • Court-ordered spousal support payments

However, public assistance benefits and child support received for other children in the household do not count as income for this purpose.

Child Support Estimator

Child Support Enforcement And Modifications Lawyer

The purpose of child support is to pay for the child’s expenses such as:

  • School tuition
  • Medical expenses
  • Disability accommodation, if necessary

An official child support order has the force of law behind it, which gives the custodial parent the right to pursue an enforcement action if the noncustodial parent falls behind on payments. Gauthier Family Law represents parents in child support enforcement matters as well as post-order modifications.

Legal Consultations About Child Support

Gauthier Family Law offers initial consultations to all parents dealing with a child support matter. We serve clients throughout Northern Illinois, including Lake and McHenry counties. To schedule an appointment with attorney Michael Gauthier, please call 847-327-0898 or visit our Contact page.