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Retirement Accounts, Real Estate And Divorce

You and your spouse have spent years saving for retirement, but the future cannot always be predicted. Getting divorced can make your retirement dreams suddenly appear uncertain — if you don’t receive sensible and experienced legal guidance.

Experienced Northern Illinois Divorce Attorney

At Gauthier Family Law, we help people protect their retirement accounts, real estate holdings and other key investments. From our office in Vernon Hills, we serve Northern Illinois with seasoned divorce law representation. Attorney Michael J. Gauthier has practiced family law in Illinois since 2006.

Inventory And Valuation

There is a lot at stake when a divorcing couple has substantial investments to divide. It is not always easy to tell what is marital property that must be divided fairly between the parties, and what is separate property belonging to one party only. Our firm will perform a full inventory of your assets — including any your spouse may be trying to hide from you.

After taking a full inventory, we will assess the property to get an accurate valuation. This is important when it comes to real estate, because you cannot get your rightful share of the properties’ value until you know exactly what they are worth. Our team of experts will help us negotiate on your behalf from a position of strength.

Divorce may change your retirement dreams, but we believe it should not cause you to give them up. We will make sure your financial future is assured.

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