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Orders Of Protection, Restraining Orders And Stalking/No-Contact Orders

Domestic violence is an issue that is too often swept under the rug. It affects entire families (especially children), yet many people feel uncomfortable or afraid to discuss it with someone outside their family.

At Gauthier Family Law, we understand how difficult a subject like domestic violence can be. But we also know that it needs to be addressed honestly and compassionately in order to protect victims of violence as well as victims of false accusations.

Familiar And Unfamiliar Terminology

As noted in the Illinois Domestic Violence Act, the term “abuse” can refer to physical, verbal, emotional, psychological or sexual abuse. It can also refer to harassment, willful deprivation, intimidation of a dependent and other acts.

If the victim or a family member reports abuse (or law enforcement otherwise becomes aware of it), courts may intervene. Most of us are familiar with the term “restraining order,” but there are several similar orders that go by various names. They include orders of protection and stalking/no-contact orders.

Orders of protection can be granted on an emergency basis or through a more formal court process. They can last just a few days or up to two years.

No-contact orders generally confer protection against someone with whom you do not have a familial or otherwise intimate relationship. This includes strangers, co-workers, acquaintances, neighbors, etc.

How Domestic Violence Can Impact Divorce Or Custody

Allegations of domestic violence are treated very seriously by family courts. If substantiated, they could have a significant impact on child custody decisions and could also affect the divorce proceedings. The specific impacts would depend on the specific allegations. It is critical that you disclose domestic violence to your attorney if you or your children have been victimized.

At the same time, family law attorneys realize that false domestic allegations are sometimes made to attempt to give the accuser an advantage in custody or divorce proceedings. If you have been the victim of false allegations, this must be discussed with your lawyer immediately and defended aggressively.

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