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Divorce is a life-changing event. In addition to the emotional grief you may be experiencing, you may also be faced with critical decisions which will impact your finances, your living situation and the lives of your children for years to come.

During this difficult time, you need the support and guidance of a compassionate, experienced and assertive lawyer. Current and former clients appreciate Michael Gauthier for his professionalism and his warm personality along with his assertive courtroom presence. At Gauthier Family Law, we want you to feel free to voice your concerns as well as your goals. We treat you as a whole person — not as a collection of legal problems to be solved.

Divorce Representation And Services

Our firm is devoted entirely to family law. This singular focus allows us to offer skilled and in-depth representation on any issue you might face during divorce. A partial list of our divorce-related services includes:

No matter what kinds of family law challenges you may be facing, we can help.

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