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2 tips for a better divorce

A divorce is a time of major change in your life. You have to think carefully about how the decisions you make during the process will affect your future. This isn’t always easy, but it’s critical as you work through the negotiations required to end the marriage.  One...

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How will divorce affect your finances?

One thing that frightens some people about divorce is that they have to learn to live on a single income. When you’re accustomed to having two incomes in the home, this is a major difference. It can affect the standard of living for you and your children in numerous...

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Can your ex take your inheritance?

Your parents left you a hefty inheritance when they passed away five years ago. You were already married but you do not have any children, so you didn’t spend the money on college tuition or anything of that nature. You just set it aside for the day you retired,...

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