Legal Representation With Personal Advocacy

Can your ex take your inheritance?

Your parents left you a hefty inheritance when they passed away five years ago. You were already married but you do not have any children, so you didn’t spend the money on college tuition or anything of that nature. You just set it aside for the day you retired,...

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Is it possible to fail at divorce?

You hear plenty about failed marriages, yet no one talks about a failed divorce. No one can stop you if you want a divorce, yet ending your marriage is only part of it. For a divorce to succeed, you need to put yourself in a strong position for life alone. Planning is...

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Dealing with the emotions of a divorce

A divorce is a very difficult time in a person’s life. For some, the thought of having to split up all the assets they’ve worked hard to obtain is one that’s just more than they can handle. This can bring up some emotional turmoil. Dealing with your emotions is...

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