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Do you have the right to approve your child’s summer caregiver?

If you haven’t already begun planning for your children’s summer childcare, now is the time to do so. While it may seem far away, the reality is schools will close for the summer soon. If you and the kids’ other parent share custody, that can mean hustling to find responsible childcare while you work and exercise your custody rights.

You think you finally found the perfect childcare provider. But then your ex wants to have veto power over your childcare choices. Do they have that right?

Review your parenting plan

Unless you have a custody order in place that specifically states that one parent can veto who cares for the minor children when they are in their other parent’s custody, they do not have that right. However, there could be some exceptions that apply that may restrict your custody options.

Childcare providers may be a danger to the kids

Suppose you ask a relative to care for your children this summer while you’re working. Your loved one is sober now but has had a serious drug or alcohol problem in the past. Unless their sobriety is long-term, your co-parent could present a compelling argument that the caregiver may lapse into their old ways while supervising your children. The courts could then stipulate that the individual not be left alone with the kids.

A new love interest and the kids don’t mix

After divorce, it’s fine to move on. What’s not fine is introducing each dinner-and-a-movie date to your children or asking your new love interest to watch your kids while you work. By only bringing partners into their lives when you are sure it’s serious, the kids are saved from further ruptured relationships if things don’t work out.