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Avoid these problem areas when divorcing

A divorce can make it feel like your world has turned upside down. Thinking rationally may be difficult, and hence, the chance that you do something you will later regret is probably higher than ever.

You need to be on your best behavior during the divorce. Behaving otherwise could allow your spouse to take a greater share of custody or assets. It could also sour your relationship with them and those around you for years to come. If you have children, that will only make the divorce even harder for them.

Here are some areas to take great care in:

Social media use and drinking

Your friends take you out to cheer you up, and you end up drinking a lot. When you return home to an empty bed, you might be tempted to log onto social media and post a picture of you out on the town to show that you are already over your spouse. They could use that to say to a court that you cannot control your drinking and should not have charge of your kids.

Or maybe you see a photo of your spouse cuddling up to someone and, feeling jealous, decide to post a nasty comment. They could screenshot it to show a judge that you were not the ideal spouse you claim.

Calling or visiting

Maybe your spouse filed for divorce, and you do not agree. While there might be a chance to discuss things and work out your differences, you need to take care. If you start calling them in the middle of the night, turning up at their work or waiting outside the place they are staying, they might ask a court to put a restraining order on you. That won’t help your cause, and it could make it much more difficult to see your kids.

Divorce is difficult, but sometimes it is for the best. Getting help to understand how custody and property division work can help to allay your fears about the future.