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It can be difficult to divorce a narcissist

If you’re getting divorced and your spouse is a narcissist, there’s a chance that your divorce is going to be more difficult than it would have been otherwise. The fastest and easiest divorces are ones where couples can cooperate, but this rarely happens if the other person suffers from a personality disorder like narcissism.

You certainly know your spouse, so you know the types of hurdles you may face. But it’s still wise to think about how this can manifest during a divorce, so here are a few of the challenges.

They want to win at all costs

First and foremost, they may not be willing to compromise. Often, compromise is necessary to make the divorce go smoothly, but they’re going to want to “win” no matter what.

They’ll probably blame you

No matter whose fault the divorce was, odds are that your spouse will blame you for the split. They’re simply going to assume that their position is correct and yours is not, regardless of what really happened.

They will try to make you look as bad as possible

This is especially common in cases where child custody is on the line. The odds are that your narcissistic spouse is going to try to make you look like as bad of a parent as they can in order to get more time with the children. Be warned that they may bring up every little thing that has happened over the course of your relationship, and they may not even be fully honest about what took place.

Exploring your options

It may be difficult to divorce a narcissist, but it’s certainly not impossible. Just make sure you know what legal options you have.