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Has your spouse been investing in cryptocurrency?

You’re getting closer to a divorce, and you and your spouse have begun discussing it. It’s clear that the two of you are not happy and you finally decided that you’d like to end the relationship.

One thing that you are worried about is discovering all of the assets that you own. That may sound surprising to some people, who are fairly certain they understand everything that they own. But there can be serious problems in a marital relationship where these things may not be so clear. One example is cryptocurrency.

A tactic for hiding assets

First and foremost, your spouse may be investing in cryptocurrency, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you see any of that money or that you monitor the accounts. You may not have any idea how they do their investing or where that money is stored. Simply discovering these assets is very important because, even if it was your spouse who technically did all the investing, those are still marital assets. 

Beyond that, it’s worth pointing out that cryptocurrency has recently been used as a way to hide assets. What this means is that people will intentionally try to conceal what they own, making it so they don’t have to split it with their spouse. In some cases, people will transfer money into cryptocurrency in order to do this, hoping that the accounts will never be found.

Whether your spouse is trying to hide assets or not, you can see how important it is to have a full grasp of everything you deserve during a divorce. Make sure you understand your legal options completely.