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3 ways to make co-parenting work

You and your spouse may have recently considered divorce. You’re afraid divorce might affect your child. You talk with your spouse and you both agree on how co-parenting will fill that gap in your child’s life.

There are lots of advantages to being in a co-parenting relationship that can make it worth the commitment. With time and effort, you and your ex can be better co-parents than you were when you were married. Here’s what you should know:

Make plans to be present

You most likely have a plan to raise your child to be better than you. Divorce may have seemed like it would have put a stop to those plans, but co-parenting is a great way to pick them back up. 

You may want to coordinate with your co-parent to keep up with your child’s events and playdates. You may want to spend time with your child and co-parent to show your child you are both there for them.

Keep in constant communication

Good communication with your co-parent can ensure the well-being of your child is always in mind. Knowing that your co-parent understands what your child needs for their growth can ease your stress. 

You may wish to communicate with your co-parent about how your child’s studies should be handled and if they are getting the help they need in school. You may feel it’s best to have your child in bed just as the sun sets rather than binge-watching TV till midnight. Working with your co-parent to give your child a consistent, predictable life is important.

Stay flexible about the small stuff

Not every plan works out and sometimes people fall off schedule. You and your co-parent shouldn’t start fighting because your child missed brushing their teeth one day. You and your co-parent should both understand you are only human and humans make mistakes. 

If you’re finding it difficult to keep up with your parental role because your co-parent is making it difficult to raise your child, then you may need to seek experienced legal help. You may wish to re-establish boundaries with your co-parent or extend your parental rights for the well-being of your child.