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Preparing for divorce: The dos and don’ts

When you’ve finally made up your mind that divorce is the only way out of your marriage, you need to prepare yourself. Legally separating from your spouse will affect several things, from the bank accounts you both share, children and all the assets you own together.

Therefore, it is advisable to be well prepared and ensure you go through the process without any hitches. Here is a useful checklist you need to go through when preparing for divorce:

Know what’s in it for you

It is advisable to have a clear assessment of the marital estate. Account for everything that could be up for division and ensure that nothing has been undervalued. Debts, too, are a very important part of the property division conversation, and you should be sure of where everything stands financially.

Similarly, do not fail to disclose any property or assets as required by the divorce court.

Don’t violate any court orders

As divorce proceedings are ongoing, you may be subject to certain court orders. For instance, if the court directs that the other spouse is given access to the children, you need to abide by that. Otherwise, it could affect how everything proceeds. Don’t take matters into your own hands.

Keep the children out of the conflicts

Ideally, the children should not be affected by the divorce, but it is not always the case. In the end, they end up paying the price of dysfunctional families. Keeping the atmosphere between you and your ex positive around the children and co-parenting effectively will help protect them.

Lastly, it is crucial to protect your rights. You still have a relationship to maintain with your children and parental duties to execute. Getting what you deserve at the end of it all will help you adjust to your newfound life.