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Will the courts increase child support if your kid needs glasses?

Child support is an important parental responsibility after divorce. The parent with more income or with less parenting time may provide financial support to the children while they are with the other parent.

Child support funds can cover anything from mortgage expenses to grocery bills, but those funds will often fall far short of the real costs to care for a child. If you receive child support and it already isn’t enough, finding out that your kid needs glasses can lead to a lot of stress.

Can you ask the courts for more child support for costs like optometry?

More medical costs could lead to increased support

There are numerous elements that influence how much child support someone pays in Illinois, ranging from the family’s standard of living during the marriage to the unique needs of the children in the family.

If your child will now have more medical costs than they did before, especially if those are ongoing or recurring expenses, the courts may agree that you need an increase in support and approve your modification request. However, for one-time costs, like purchasing eyeglasses, the financial change may not be enough to warrant a formal modification hearing.

A review of your financial circumstances and the estimated expenses you will incur for your child can help you determine if seeking a modification would benefit you. In some cases, you may need to compile many such expenses to show that the costs of caring for the children have increased. Learning more about child support and modifications can help you provide the best life possible for your children.