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Tips for talking to your children about divorce

If you and your spouse are planning to get a divorce, you need to know how to tell your children about it. This is a delicate process, to say the least, and the specifics are different for every family. 

That said, there are some key tips you want to keep in mind to help this conversation go smoothly. Let’s take a moment to consider a few of them.

Show that you both are there for them

You and your spouse need to make sure your children know that you’ll both continue to be there for them. You need to emphasize that you both love them too. You should make it clear to your children that how you feel about them doesn’t change, even when your marriage ends. 

Answer questions about their concerns 

Your children will likely be concerned about things that feel less important to you. You’re worried about splitting up a comingled inheritance or selling the house. They’re worried about where they’ll go to school. Take the time to address their concerns, as well. 

Tell all of them at the same time 

Couples with multiple children should always talk to the entire family at once. This can make it harder, as your children may have different schedules, questions or needs, but it’s the best approach. You do not want to risk one child finding out from the other. 

You should always put your children first in a divorce

Above all else, just be compassionate and focus on demonstrating how much you care for your children. This support is better than any answers you can give them. As you begin moving forward, you can begin considering all of your custody options, your parental rights and the other parts of the process.