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Illinois makes changes to interest on child support arrears

If your co-parent pays you child support, it can be frustrating when they are late. They need to realize that their tardiness causes you and your child problems.

Until recently, paying child support late in Illinois resulted in an automatic 9% interest penalty. Thanks to a recent change, you now have the power to decide whether you want a court to apply this penalty or not.

What are the advantages of charging interest on child support arrears?

Charging interest may encourage a parent to make payment a priority. Take away the threat of interest, and there is less to incentivize them to pay on time.

If you do charge interest, it bolsters the funds you have to spend on your child by 9%. If you ever receive the money.

What are the disadvantages of charging interest on child support arrears?

If you have ever struggled to pay your credit card, you know that incurring interest makes it even more difficult. When you cannot make enough to pay the basic amount, paying interest on top can sink you. You can spend your life getting further behind in payments as you try to damp down the interest.

Your co-parent will now know that interest is your choice. It could provoke anger or resentment, which would not be good for your relationship or your child.

The Division of Child Support Services (DCSS) could penalize them if they fall further behind with payments. They could suspend their driving license making it harder for them to earn the money to pay.

There is a lot to consider if you are having child support payment issues. It is wise to seek legal advice to understand your options.