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Why should you tell your child’s teacher about the divorce?

When parents decide to divorce, they often agree that it is a personal, family matter. While they must inform their children, and eventually their extended family and even their friends about their decision, they often think it is not anyone else’s business.

However, that is not necessarily true. In these cases, it is often necessary to notify other relevant parties about the divorce as well. This could include each parent’s supervisors at work, but also their child’s teacher.

Why should teachers know about the situation at home?

There are two reasons that Illinois parents should tell their child’s teacher about their divorce, whether they are still navigating divorce proceedings, or it is final. Informing teachers can help:

  1. Update information: One reason it is essential to inform the school and the child’s teacher about the divorce is to revise emergency contact information – as well as the child’s address on file. If the child divides time between their parents’ residences, the school generally must know so they can send parents important information and ensure the child’s safety.
  2. Keep an eye on the child: Divorce can affect children of all ages in a variety of ways. And recent studies have found that some children might start to struggle in their academic performance or act out at school when their parents divorce. Telling the child’s teacher about the divorce can give them context for this situation, as well as allow them to proactively look out for signs of the child struggling.
  3. Plan for communication: Whether or not co-parents are on good terms or communicate regularly, informing teachers about the divorce can help all three of them establish a communication plan. This ensures that both parents get important information from the teacher and updates from the classroom.

Of course, parents do not have to share all of the details of the divorce with their child’s teacher. However, informing them about the divorce can be helpful in the long run to make sure children are doing alright in all aspects of their life while the family undergoes these significant changes.