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A support system is important in divorce

When two individuals marry, it is a decision based on the love they share between the two of them. Similarly, the decision to end a marriage is also a decision between two spouses.

That is why many people think that divorce is a matter between them and their spouse.

However, a divorce can be a very stressful, taxing and even isolating experience. A support system can help to take the weight off of an individual’s shoulders as they navigate the divorce process.

How can a support system help spouses?

Getting a divorce is a legal process to end a marriage and help two spouses become economically independent once again. Therefore, individuals must be legally prepared to divorce. For example, they must understand Illinois’ laws regarding divorce, such as the guidelines for the equitable distribution of marital property. An experienced divorce attorney can help individuals legally prepare themselves for divorce.

While legal preparation is important, a divorce also requires individuals to prepare themselves emotionally and mentally too. After all, it is a life-changing experience.

Having a support system can help individuals:

  • Work through their complex emotions in a healthy and productive manner;
  • Feel less overwhelmed by the process of the divorce; and
  • Nurture important relationships, even while one ends.

A support system of loved ones reminds individuals they are not alone, even as they deal with the stress of divorce.

Who can be a part of the support system?

One’s support system should consist of people they can trust. This can often include:

  • Friends
  • Family
  • Mental health professionals
  • Divorce coaches

Some people might also search for support from other people in the same situation. Over the years, divorce support groups have become a common and helpful resource for individuals going through a divorce.

Each individual has different needs. Therefore, no support system will look the same. Even so, it is critical for individuals to ensure they have someone – or a team – they can rely on as they move forward with a divorce.