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Do not let social media impact your divorce

Nowadays, people of all ages use social media regularly. It is now one of the most common activities people participate in.

While social media can be fun and convenient to use, it can also be problematic depending on what individuals post – especially if they are seeking a divorce.

Be careful on social media during a divorce

Regardless of whether or not your divorce is amicable, emotions can still run high during the end of your marriage. And letting those emotions influence what you post on social media can be dangerous.

In some cases, negative or revealing posts could be used during the divorce proceedings against you. For example, badmouthing your soon-to-be-ex-spouse on social media could influence your child custody arrangement, as well as the entire divorce settlement.

So, how can you prevent social media from affecting your divorce?

  1. Do not discuss the divorce: People usually use social media to share the events in their life. A divorce is a very significant event that can completely change your life, but it is critical that you do not post information or even your thoughts about the divorce process or any decision made.
  2. Do not engage with your spouse over social media: Anything said on a public platform could be evidence in the divorce proceedings. So, do not badmouth your spouse – even vaguely.

You should monitor your social media accounts carefully during the divorce process. It might be helpful to put all profiles on private and speak with your friends and family, so they can refrain from posting anything regarding your divorce as well.

However, do not let social media influence your mental health either

You should take great care when using social media during your divorce, but you should also take care of yourself and your mental health.

It is critical to remember that social media often only highlights the positive aspects and events in people’s lives. Additionally, social media is known to:

Therefore, it can be stressful to see friends or family members only posting happy updates when you are grieving the end of your marriage and navigating your divorce. It can also be difficult to remain connected with an ex-spouse and see their life updates during or after the divorce as well, while you work through the complex emotions a divorce can cause.

It might be worth taking a break completely from social media or at the very least limit your use of it during your divorce and as you adjust to the new chapter of your life post-divorce.