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Handling divorce stress is critical

According to the Holmes-Rahe Stress Inventory, getting a divorce is one of the most stressful events that an individual could experience in their lifetime.

This may not be a surprise to anyone considering a divorce. After all, getting a divorce can change several aspects of one’s life emotionally, physically and financially. Stress is a natural response to change, but it is critical for individuals facing divorce to effectively manage their stress.

Why is it so important to manage stress during a divorce?

Stress is not inherently bad. However, experiencing high levels of stress for long periods can be detrimental to both one’s physical and mental health. Enduring stress long-term is linked with a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases, and consistent stress can also increase the risks of depression.

Additionally, unmanaged or ignored stress and complex emotions can also cloud one’s judgment while making decisions in the divorce proceedings. This can be risky since these decisions will continue to impact one’s life post-divorce.

That is why individuals must take time to handle their stress throughout every step of their divorce.

How can individuals address this stress?

Everyone is different. Therefore, everyone will have a different approach to handle stress. However, it is helpful for individuals facing divorce to consider a few essential tips, including:

  • Take things step by step: The process of getting a divorce can be overwhelming. Spouses must divide their marital property and finances according to Illinois guidelines, and perhaps even divide custody of their children. Thinking about all the details a divorce involves is one of the aspects that can cause a significant amount of stress. Taking time to understand the process and handle issues separately can help to reduce stress.
  • Stay connected with loved ones: Divorce can be an isolating experience. That is why it is important for individuals to reach out to their friends and family during this stressful time. This helps individuals to feel a sense of normalcy, and also eliminate their stress.
  • Find time to rest: Navigating a divorce on top of everyday life, including work and social activities, often only causes stress to compound. Individuals must find time to relax and decompress to protect their mental health.

Handling stress might not seem like a priority for many individuals seeking a divorce, but it is an important part of helping the divorce process go smoothly.