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Could the empty nest lead to divorce?

Some Illinois parents are excited to see their children begin their own adult life and move out of the house. Others might be sad to see them go.

Regardless, when parents find themselves with an empty nest, they often experience a wide range of emotions. After all, they devote many years to raising their children. Parenting becomes more than a role – it becomes a way of life.

That is why, in some cases, an empty nest can come as a shock to the marriage.

Parents might experience some symptoms of empty nest syndrome

When an individual becomes a parent, it often becomes a critical part of their identity. Therefore, when the children grow up and finally leave the house, some parents might face challenges in this new chapter of their lives.

Some parents might experience symptoms of empty nest syndrome. Common symptoms include:

  • Feeling like they have lost their purpose;
  • Experiencing excessive frustration or anxiety; and
  • Feeling like they lost control over their lives.

There is no doubt that children moving out is a big change for parents. And change almost always comes with stress.

That stress might influence the parents’ marriage as well

It is important to note that symptoms of empty nest syndrome do not cause spouses to divorce. However, it might be a factor in some divorces.

An empty nest can place a significant strain on the marriage. Spouses might feel that they grew apart, especially since they focused all of their time and energy on their children for years. They might even find that their goals for the future no longer align.

Parents experiencing this shift in their life, from parent to empty-nester, should take time to address their emotions. That way, they can determine whether or not moving forward with a divorce is really the right decision for them during this often-stressful time.