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Study: Could a job promotion lead to a divorce?

The 1960s movements for equality in the workplace significantly changed family life as more women joined the workforce. Over the years, they caught up with men in the workplace and society.

Yet, a new report states that the tension between traditional values and women’s advancement in the workplace could still exist.

Report finds promotion could increase the chance of divorce for women

The stress of a divorce could potentially impact an individual’s work performance – but could the reverse be true? A new study seems to point to yes.

The Atlantic recently reported on a Swedish study which found that getting a promotion at work could double a woman’s chance of getting divorced. On the other hand, men rarely faced the same chances of divorce when they were promoted.

This news is not necessarily new. In 2019, MarketWatch reported that:

  • Nearly 38% of women earned more than their husbands;
  • Yet, women who earned more than their husbands faced a 33% higher chance of getting a divorce.

This is not true in every case. For example, the Swedish study did find that couples who entered marriage with more balanced work and personal values were not as likely to get divorced if women received a promotion.

However, the study does indicate that one’s work could be a larger point of tension in the marriage than many couples might believe.

What should Illinois couples do?

There are certainly ways that one’s career could negatively influence their marriage, but a promotion or income does not have to be one of those ways.

Talking about these stressors or confusing emotions is critical. Spouses should discuss their emotions to try and work through such a situation.

However, if there are other unhappy or unhealthy elements in the marriage of which the anger over a promotion is a side effect, then individuals may consider ending the marriage. It might be helpful for individuals in these tough situations to reach out to an experienced family law attorney to determine their options for moving forward.