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These months see higher than average rates of divorce

Midwest weather can have some of the most extreme fluctuations in the country. But frigid winters and hot and humid summers aren’t the only things that can make these climates unbearable for some.

That’s because the hot and cold vibes can extend well beyond the temperature, as January and late summer are when many spouses decide to part ways, with the beginning of the new year seeing the biggest spike.

Why January is often popular

There is usually no such thing as a perfect time to divorce. However, a few factors can play a role in why people decide to part ways at the beginning of the year. In some instances, couples may have been struggling with their marriage before winter and the stresses of the holiday season may have pushed them to breaking point.

Others may do it for economic reasons. If the spouse looking to divorce hasn’t filed joint taxes with their partner by that time, they may decide to hand over the papers in January.

Late summer also sees a slight uptick

January isn’t the only month that sees an increase in divorces. July and August are also known to have higher than average rates of marital separation. Couples may choose to do so in these late summer months for the following reasons:

  • They want to relocate kids: If parents plan on putting their kids in a different school, they may decide to split in August. That’s so the children can start in a new school in the beginning rather than switching districts halfway through the year.
  • It can give loved ones time to adjust before the holidays: While some couples choose to wait until after the holidays, others may decide to provide loved ones and their kids time to adjust before then.
  • They may have already started forming new relationships: When there are more hours of daylight, dissatisfied spouses may stay out later, which may lead them to finding a new love interest.

Deciding to split can be hard

Choosing to end a marriage can be one of the toughest decisions a person makes in their life, especially if it’s during a hectic time of the year. Luckily, a knowledgeable and compassionate family law attorney can help guide couples through this agonizing and complicated process on a schedule that works for them.