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August 2019 Archives

Research shows that women initiate the majority of divorces

When divorces happen in Illinois and around the country, chances are high that the female spouses started the process. One study concluded that wives initiated 80% of divorces. Another study that tracked 355 couples over a 16-year period collected information from both male and female spouses. Although men often had escalating anxiety about their relationships, they did not take action to dissolve their marriages nearly as often as women. The results of that study showed that the wives pursued divorce at twice the rate of husbands.

Getting the marital home in a divorce

When a divorce occurs, a couple might decide to sell a house and split any profits. However, there are also reasons a person in Illinois may wish to keep a home. One could feel attached to the property, or one could wish to live in the home with children.

How retirement plans can be impacted by divorce

Divorce can be hard on Illinois residents and others throughout the country. However, it may also be a source of happiness for some who have chosen to end their marriage. According to a representative from the American College of Financial Services, women between the ages of 60 to 65 tend to enjoy the fact that they are not married. Regardless of how a person feels after ending a marriage, it can have a financial impact that needs to be accounted for.

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