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Major reasons why people choose divorce

There are a number of reasons why people in Illinois may decide to end their marriage, but some are more common than others. One study examined people who had participated in a premarital communication program but later divorced; they were asked about the reasons for their divorce 14 years after their original involvement with the program. The study aimed to understand what kinds of issues contributed most to their decision to separate.

The vaguest answer was also the most common, as 75 percent of respondents cited a lack of commitment as a reason for their divorce. There were many reasons that contributed to that feeling, including a loss of romantic or sexual attraction. Some couples grew apart over the years, while others may have married more due to social pressure than true desire. Another 59 percent of respondents said that infidelity was a major factor in their decision to divorce. Even when people already had a poor marriage, physical cheating was often the last step toward separation. In some cases, the affair itself was the primary issue while in other cases it reflected a broken relationship.

Over 57 percent of respondents cited the third most common reason for divorce, excessive arguing. Many of these couples fought viciously and were unable to get over the bad feelings caused by ongoing fights. These arguments were often a major contributor to a loss of love, attraction or romantic attachment. On the other hand, 45 percent of participants said that they had simply married too young and the relationship could not last over the years.

The decision to divorce is very individual, related to the unique circumstances of a particular couple or relationship. A divorcing spouse might opt to work with a family law attorney for advice and representation on all divorce legal issues, including property division and child custody.