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Parenting after a divorce

Illinois couples who are going through divorces and who have minor children need to recognize that courts are changing how they view the roles of both parents. In the past, women were normally given primary custody of their children while the men were left with limited visitation. Now, however, courts are recognizing the importance of both parents and providing men with more time with their children.

Parents will need to continue to get along for the benefit of the children. Children should never be involved in their parents’ disputes with each other, and the parents should refrain from talking badly about the other parent in front of their children or to them.

It is a good idea for parents to let go of the emotional pain from their former relationships. They should focus on building a good co-parenting relationship. There will always be disagreements over minor things with children, but parents should not blow those out of proportion. Parents should also be reasonable when they are discussing custody and visitation. They should each make certain that they have enough room for the children during their time and remember that the children benefit when they have the chance to develop strong relationships with both of their parents.

A parent who is planning to divorce might want to get help from an experienced attorney about the allocation of parental responsibility. An attorney might help the client think things through in a calm and logical way. Counsel may then assist his or her client with creating a proposed parenting plan that is in the best interests of the child and that will work for both parents. The attorney may be able to reach a resolution of all of the outstanding issues through negotiations outside of the court process.