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Kids can bounce back from parental divorce

When Illinois parents decide to divorce, it is often a step taken after extensive thought and deliberation. Foremost in the mind of many parents is a concern about the emotional and psychological well-being of their kids following a parental divorce. The period surrounding a divorce can be confusing and upsetting for kids, but many children are emotionally resilient. Parents’ actions and attitude can make all the difference in achieving a successful outcome for their children during and after a divorce.

Of course, divorce can be a time of significant change and upheaval. Children may move out of the family home, and they may move back and forth between their parents’ new residences. They might face changes in their standard of living or access to finances. However, parents can act to bolster children’s feelings of security even during a difficult time. Both parents can agree on major parenting issues so that children are treated equally no matter which parent they are with at any given time. Some of these matters include rules about chores or academic goals. Absent abuse or other inappropriate behavior, parents should strive to support each other as well as their children’s sense of stability.

Despite the fact that divorces are caused by marital issues, children may feel responsible for the conflict between their parents. Parents shouldn’t share the details of their problems with the children; it can be disconcerting, and kids can feel pressured to choose sides. However, they should also reassure their children that both parents love them and that the children have no responsibility for the split.

Parents thinking about divorce might feel stuck in an unhappy marriage because they worry about their relationships with their children. A family law attorney may represent a divorcing parent and work to achieve a fair outcome on a range of matters, including child custody and support.