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Study finds that change in marriage roles could lead to divorce

A married Illinois couple who shares household duties and income earning from the beginning may be less likely to get divorced. On the other hand, a couple that begins with more “traditional” roles before transitioning toward the woman being the main breadwinner is more likely to experience marital problems. This is all according to a recent study by Swedish researchers.

Often, women delay their careers so that they can raise children and support their husbands in their careers. When wives reach a point when they are able to focus on their own careers, husbands often do not step in to make up the difference.

If a wife starts to earn more money, the husband might become defensive and even respond as though they are under attack. The man might start trying to control their spouse’s movements and the money earned, or they might ease up on their own careers while letting the household and childcare tasks go undone.

In some cases, clear communication can help resolve these situations. Spouses must be specific about the tasks that need to be done as well as about schedules and commitments.

Unfortunately, both parties have to cooperate for this to work. If a couple is headed for divorce because they can’t overcome the evolution of their relationship, they may need to work out a child custody arrangement and a plan for property division. Legal counsel could help a soon-to-be ex throughout the divorce process. In most cases, negotiation is cheaper and quicker than divorce court litigation.