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When is it time to modify a child custody agreement?

When was the last time you altered your child custody agreement? Perhaps you haven’t seen any changes since you originally created it. Many people have the option to alter their custody agreement after one has been in effect.

Yet, while you have the option to make alterations to a parenting plan, you can’t just make changes for any reason. First, you may have to wait two years before you can make new alterations to a custody agreement. Or, a custody order may be altered if there’s serious endangerment to your child’s well-being.

If it has been two years, then you may need to present substantial changes in circumstances to rationalize the alterations. The following are examples that might convince the court that your parenting plan needs amended:

Your work schedule has changed

Many parents create parenting plans around their work schedule. After all, if they can’t work, then they can’t support their child. But, many people don’t have the same employment they had two years ago. In other words, a parent may need to alter a custody order if they’ve changed jobs that contradict their current arrangement or if they have become unemployed, which may show enough changes in circumstances. 

One parent has moved or wants to move

It can sometimes be difficult for parents to adjust to a visitation schedule, but many parents manage when they only need to travel a short distance for their child. However, one or both parents may need to move. If the distance is too vast and it impedes a parent’s visitation right, then there may be a need to alter a custody order. 

Seeking legal help

Parents may need to alter a custody order because their child has grown out of a previous arrangement. Or, perhaps their child’s mental health is at stake. Whatever the case may be, parents should understand their legal options when altering a custody order.