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When should you give your child more freedom?

Parents who aren’t in a romantic relationship any longer will still have to work together to make decisions for their children. As the kids grow and mature, their freedom will need to increase to prepare them for the day they move out into the world.

Increasing their freedom is something that both parents will probably have to agree upon. Trying to come up with the terms of this can be challenging, especially if you and your ex don’t agree on what’s best for the child.

Take freedom slowly

Every child matures at their own rate. You have to try to figure out what’s appropriate for your child. For example, you shouldn’t go from leaving your child with a babysitter to letting them stay home overnight alone all in one step. The freedom at each parent’s home should build upon the freedom that’s already been established as suitable for the child.

Guide your child

Children are going to make mistakes when they’re given new freedom. As a parent, your job is to guide them through these mistakes. You may be tempted to get angry and upset, but that likely won’t give your child the tools they need to make better choices in the future.

The framework for having a successful co-parenting relationship comes from the parenting plan. Making sure that this is set up in the best interests of the child is critical. As the child matures, some of those terms might have to change. You can turn to the court for a modification of the order when it needs to be changed.