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Proving to the court you are the best parent for custody

If you are a parent facing divorce here in Vernon Hills, you likely are focusing mainly on the custody of your children. If you and you cannot agree on custody matters, it will be up to the family law courts to determine the fate of your family.

Long gone are the days when a mother was presumed to be the de facto parent for the residential placement of children in a divorce. The Illinois family law courts today examine many factors when determining custody in contested divorces.

No parent has to be the “bad guy”

Barring neglect or abuse on the part of one parent, you will not win points with the judge by trashing your co-parent in court. Never try to demonize the other parent. If you have proof of any negative behaviors or actions, your family law attorney can introduce it to the court properly.

Show how you excel at parenting

Document your time with the kids with unstaged photos showing you laughing and interacting with them. Make sure that you capture positive parenting — show you and the kids preparing healthy meals together, not pigging out on fast-food.

Be an ongoing presence in your children’s lives. Would their pediatrician or teacher recognize you as your children’s parent? Make sure that you are seen as an involved parent by those who interact with the kids.

Give the kids a permanent place in your life

Wherever you will be living post-divorce, you will need to have rooms for your children. Show that your child will remain safe, secure and comfortable during the time they spend with you. While it might not be possible to duplicate every electronic gadget the kids have at their former home, make sure that their must-haves are duplicated in your home.

Accentuate the positive

By working together with your Vernon Hills family law attorney, you can devise a strategy that allows you to accentuate all the parenting positives that make you the better parent for the residential placement of the kids.