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September 2018 Archives

The growing trend of divorce among older adults

Older adults in Illinois may be more likely to divorce than the same age group was in 1990, and the risk may be even higher if the marriage is not the first or if it has not lasted very long. Compared to that year, the nationwide divorce rate for people who are 50 or older is now twice as high, and it is three times as high for those who are at least 65 years of age.

Homeownership and property division during a divorce

People who divorce in Illinois may wonder about the financial effects of the end of their marriage, especially women. One study found that women who divorce see their income go down by over 20 percent, even while divorced men's income tends to rise by around 33 percent. However, another study from the Center for Retirement Research indicates that some divorced women may fare better than never-married single women if they are homeowners after the split.

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